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I am so passionate about being a Therapist and absolutely love my job. I truly look forward to meeting every single person who comes to see me. Working together to solve problems, brings me so much meaning and joy. In addition to my core training, I am continually learning, researching and  growing as a Therapist. I am committed to my Clients, to supporting them, to keeping them safe, to providing an environment in which they can flourish and transform.

All About Me

I am practising Psychotherapy since 2007. I graduated from Turning Point & Dublin City University with a Graduate Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. Before that I graduated from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, with a Bachelor of Science in Physics.

I am fully accredited with I.A.H.I.P and E.C.P and I.C.P

I am passionate about Psychotherapy as I have seen time and time again how transformative a path it is. Ever since I was very young, I knew I wanted to work in a job that truly made a difference in people's lives. I love all things related to Psychotherapy and pretty much spend all my time deepening my understanding of what it is to be human, to living a joyful life, to understanding ourselves better, to increasing my knowledge on skills and mechanisms that make this journey better. I am passionate about Neuroscience, and integrating that information with my core training of deep relationship building with my clients. I practice mindfulness and like to use that to help my clients gain better insight into themselves and their world. The work that I do is truly an honour. Working with people in such a deep and meaningful way, is something I am forever thankful for. Understanding what it is to be human, and what helps us get through our problems and tragedies, is something I will never get tired of. I am incredibly open minded and non-judgmental, ever open to listening and learning about each individual who comes to work with me.


As a Psychotherapist who is also on the Autistic Spectrum, I absolutely love working with Autistic people. I have extensive knowledge on Autism, both from a personal viewpoint and from a Neuroscientific viewpoint. I am incredibly proud to be Autistic and feel it only adds to my work. (except for some awkward small talk issues!) Being Autistic has proven incredibly challenging to me throughout my life, but only served to make me have deep knowledge of what it is to be human, and increases my empathy for the challenges we all face. 

I would love to work with you, to walk with you on your journey.


"To Strive, To Seek, To Find

And Not To Yield".


You Don't Have To Face It Alone....



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