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I came across Gemma when I was feeling incredibly stuck and at a crossroads in my life. Gemma was phenomenal from the start; she was attentive, empathetic, and never judgmental. She created a safe space for me that allowed me to open up fully to her, and I came out of her session feeling clear-minded, empowered and motivated to make the best decision for me and my future. I would recommend Gemma to anyone looking to work through things in therapy; she is kind and thoughtful, and you can tell she genuinely cares for her clients and their well-being.


Gemma is amazing at what she does. She really makes you feel heard when things are hard. I also found she gave really great advice or fresh perspective on situation I wouldn't of thought of. I feel she really helped me a lot though a very difficult time in my life and gave me the tools to help get myself to a happy place. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone who feels they need someone to talk too or are living through a difficult time at the moment.


Gemma is a good listener, sympathetic and has good empathy, but she is not afraid to tell you what you most need to hear, even if you won't like hearing it. That's the whole point - therapy is not supposed to be easy and getting the most out of it requires feeling uncomfortable at times, although she does provide a safe, private and positive place to go through whatever healing process is needed.


Gemma creates a wonderfully supportive environment where you truly feel heard. Extremely intuitive and in depth sessions that will get the work that's needed done but in a very gentle way. I highly recommend Gemma. If you are ready to undergo amazing transformations in your life, this is certainly where you'll find them with the greatest support.


Gemma, I want to firstly thank you for how much you helped me. I had been to many counsellors and therapists before finding you and only when then did I feel heard and understood. You're a rare soul that was truly able to help me heal mine. Best service out there. 100% recommended.


I couldn’t recommend Gemma enough! She was a huge help to me when I needed it the most. She would always find the time for an appointment, even via Zoom if needed which I greatly appreciated. She created a completely non-judgemental, comfortable space to talk and I always felt heard and understood. I always look forward to our chats.


Would highly recommended Gemma, she has help me so much in personal and mental growth.


Would recommend Gemma McCabe to anyone who is having a hard time, She has helped me so much and will continue to help on my path! 10/10


Would highly recommend Gemma to anyone going through a hard time for whatever reason, easy to talk to, supportive and insightful.


There are no words that can truly describe how wonderful, kind, genuine and empathetic Gemma is. Through her work she creates a safe space for you to feel, discuss and reflect on all issues, especially the most painful. She gently guided me on a journey of self discovery and self acceptance for which I am truly grateful. She is exceptional at her work and has an amazing ability to read a person and a situation, to know when is enough and when someone can explore more. She does all of this work in a non judgemental manner, with the full acceptance of the person she is working with. I would highly recommend Gemma. She will help you, and she will mind you while she is doing it.


Gemma creates the safest, most unjudgmental and supportive environment of any therapist. There is an aura of calm the minute you step through her door. She helped me learn more about myself, my patterns, thinkings and feelings. Honestly going to see her has changed my life for the better and having such an honest and supportive space to talk about my most inner thoughts & demons was such a help in creating that more positive life for myself. I highly recommend Gemma for anyone looking to speak to a psychotherapist. I would also suggest you follow her on Instagram for daily doses for insight and motivation.


Earlier this year, I decided that I needed to reach out and talk to a professional about issues that had been affecting me for years. For such a long time, I had done the typically 'masculine' thing of trying to minimize the trauma, draw a line under it, reinvent and change myself, tell myself the past didn't matter. Or even normalize my discomfort - 'I'm just in a bad humour, I'm just anxious, it happens to everyone.'

Gemma helped me to get to the root of this discomfort, to explore where it came from, and engage with it. To manage it, and challenge the cynicism, negativity, fear, and general cognitive distortions that were rooted in this trauma.

Gemma guided me through this process expertly, with a level of empathy, warmth, sensitivity and kindness which put me immediately at ease, and made me feel heard and understood - but also with the insight and perception to make me think about things in a different way, and challenge my most negative beliefs. She recommended actions and exercises which were immediately beneficial - almost transformative - and over time, the sessions brought me to a place of tangible progress and healing.

Gemma is a wonderful professional; an expert in her field, with the natural ability to put people at ease, providing a safe, welcoming, comfortable environment and genuine care for her clients.


Gemma is warm, caring and empathetic. Every session was a chance to feel heard, understood and believed. I felt that Gemma believed in my pain (and my joy!) and I also felt that she believed in me - and truly wanted to help me find ways to cope, and to do better for myself. Gemma is attentive and balanced in her approach; giving me support and a safe space to feel my emotions, while giving words of comfort or advice at times that felt appropriate. I am forever grateful that it was Gemma I spoke to when I first reached out to her. As difficult as it can be to admit how you feel or to talk about your fears and struggles, and how tough it can be to let yourself experience big emotions and actually pay them the attention they deserve - the release that followed those sessions left me feeling lighter but stronger, less overwhelmed and more motivated. Gemma offered practical tools and solutions to use outside of the sessions to encourage healthy change, or encouraged me to look for support outside of myself where suitable, while checking in with how I felt about the suggestions along the way.


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