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How the Light Makes Everything Black and White.

Light. The phenomena that has it's own laws. Travels at it's own speed, no matter what direction you are going in. It never speeds up or slows down. Even if travelling through glass. Water. Always the same. A seemingly gold colour, that actually contains every colour of the rainbow. It carries on it's waves the ability to heat, to cook, to see under skin. Without light, there would be no us, no life. Increasingly I find myself talking to my clients about light and the importance of syncing their Circadian Rhythms to the 24-hour dance of light, we were created by. To improve sleep, mood and more.

Light has always fascinated me. What a Mystery. Seeing it's secrets laid bare by crystal, or realising it obeys no laws, only it's own, I was in. Now neuroscience is making breathtaking breakthrough's through Optogenetics. Using light to control specific points in our brain to treat depression and more. To turn circuits on and off. To control genes. I mean come on. Light is incredible.

Many people have likened Therapy to shining a light on our shadow, on our secrets, on our gold. I certainly agree. Therapy focuses the attention of the client and the Therapist onto the clients inner world, and like the sun, the light of attention allows our inner selves to blossom. We turn the light of attention in and notice how and who we are. The light of attention brings us to life.

So often we are complex. A kaleidoscope inside. So many twists and turns. So many colours. So much darkness too. The light illuminates us, helping us see our beauty, and our rainbows. All aspects of our unique selves are laid bare by the light of our attention. I am endlessly fascinated by each soul that comes to see me. How thankful I am. And I find, the brighter the light, the more black and white everything begins to seem within. Standing in the light of a unique presence, we get to see that our fundamental aspects are indeed black and white. That under the kaleidoscope there lies a bedrock of truth that is unbreakable. Un-confusable! Our most basic truth. Black and white and undeniable. We may call these black and white truths, Values. Or Spiritual Laws. Or Core Self. Destiny. Truth. Love. These words that are put on our experiences within, that are somehow beyond us to comprehend, but lay there, blinking at us as we stare at them. Black and white truth under the rainbow of our selves.

The brighter the light, the blaze of that light, leaves everything before it, looking black and white. You can see this in nature. The beautiful shadows that the sun creates. I see this within us too. The brighter our own light, the clearer the black and white stuff gets. There are aspects to each of us, that no one can take away. Nothing can change. These black and white aspects guide us home.

As you guide yourself in your day today, the attention you shine on yourself, as you look within, acts like a beacon. Guiding you home to your truth. To your shadows, colours and of course, your black and white aspects. Meditation, music, love, and emotion can all be leveraged to facilitate your journey within. Within.

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