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Body Pain Vs Thinking Pain

There is a difference.

Next time you are experiencing mental health issues, or depression or feeling low or down, pay attention to whats really going on within yourself.

Learning to tell where your pain is coming from is key to the art suffering. Suffering is unavoidable. I highly recommend you do not run from your pain. But there is pointless suffering and cathartic suffering. Healing suffering. How to know which is which? And then what do you do with your findings?

Next time you are down or in pain, ask yourself can you feel it? Sensorily. In your physicality. In your felt sense. Can you feel the experience of the pain you are in. Examples might include, feeling like you are on fire, feeling like your heart is actually physically broken, feeling a weight, a pain in your back, cold, shivering, wanting to cry all the time (the body wants to cry) or feeling empty, like there is a wind in your chest. These are all amazing things to experience. I always get so excited with clients experience such things during the session. How wonderful for us to feel what we feel. To finally have the opportunity to feel the effect of the cause. What cause? Doesn't matter. The effect it had on you is the focus. What did it do your body? Can you dare to feel your suffering?

These are cathartic experiences, that lead you out of hell, out of the storm. In time. No rush. Nature does it's thing. As a therapist I know with 100% confidence, panic free, fear free, that each person emerges resplendent when the suffering has passed! The gold out of the darkness. The rainbow having passed through the water, the cleaned up beach after the storm. It passes. You will be new. Transformed. But we don't know this initially. The fear of the storm stops most people. A therapist can wait, and reassure, and give hope where there is none. You will be okay. It's normal.

Where things are a bit less helpful, is matters of the head. Thinking. You are most definitely not what you think. Thoughts are completely random and have nothing to do with us. We cannot stop them or change them however. Creating space (thought mindfulness) between us and our thoughts, is crucial, to learning we are not the thought. It is not us. It happens. The neurons fired. What are we gonna do about it? Not a thing. Just observe. Remind yourself, these painful thoughtsare occurring. So what. Let them pass. Stay out of it. Pay attention. But stay out of it. Focus on your body instead. Analysis of the mind is so limited. Puny in comparison to the body felt experience. Feel it.

Getting caught up in why, and where and how, and who, is just a scatty dance that leaves you frazzled. And its pointless. And it is relentless. The thoughts never quit if you feed them with focus. Just notice them, and tune into your body. This is the way.

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