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Oil in the Engine ~ Sleep

We all know what happens when we don't put oil in the car. The car engine won't work. Finished.

If you think sleep is negotiable, you are mistaken. If you are battling poor mental health, PTSD, depression, addiction, anxiety, post-natal depression, grief or any other challenge to your being, you need to prioritise sleep. Nothing comes close to the negative consequences to not being well rested in times of crisis. Studies have been done, so cruelly I might add, on college students. Depriving them of their 3am onwards sleep, which as you might know is when REM sleep really begins to take over the sleep pattern. REM deprivation causes psychosis. Actually clinical psychosis. Paranoia, melt downs, agitation, questioning reality, seeing things. This study, created these Psychotic symptoms in students over a few night of zero REM sleep (close to zero), and then let the students have their REM sleep back, and they recovered. Pretty fast. What a cool experiment. You can check out Dr Mathew Walker's book (linked below) for more information on that study.

We all look for something that will help us, when we get to a certain point. Therapy. Medication. Drink. Nothing will have a bigger impact on you, than sorting out your sleep. And it's free... It's accessible to us all. And 100% within our control... Come on.

So hopefully this inspires you to focus on your sleep cycle tonight. Take care of yourself. Do what you need to to get at least 6 hours, preferably 7/8. Good luck.

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