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Physiological Sigh ~ Tool for Anxiety

A quick tip to help you when you are experiencing anxiety, panic or PTSD symptoms.

So this breathing technique is actually a pattern of breathing that we naturally and innately do when we are stressed and distressed. Scientists simply observed this, and then described it back to us. If you observe yourself closely you will notice this. Say after you have had a good cry, or are recovering from a shock, you will notice you will naturally do this breathing pattern.

It's actually quite easy to observe in babies and small children. An innate technique that calm us down beautifully. Because it is hard wired into us, it is the most effective breathing technique for engaging the para-sympathetic nervous system. Which is the system that calms us deeply.

So what is it?

  • Double Inhale

  • Exhale

That's it. It works beautifully. Two quick inhales. One long exhale.

You can find many examples online if you google 'The Physiological Sigh', if you would like to see someone doing it.

The recommendations are to breathe in this pattern for 30 or so breaths. You will notice a significant shift in your experience.

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